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Adult Orthodontics

First of all ‘What is Orthodontics?’

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that deals with the function and aesthetics of the face, teeth and jaws. Adult orthodontics primarily involves the straightening of teeth which can be functional as well as cosmetic.

Many of us have put off having our teeth straightened for numerous reasons, whether this is down to embarrassment (usually from childhood memories of others being taunted) or perhaps you can’t commit to the time involved in having the treatment done. As a result there are many adults out there who are unhappy with their smile and wish they had done something about it when they had the chance.

If this is you then we have some Good News!!! Times have moved on massively, and more and more adults are now finding the confidence to get the smile they always wanted. This is mainly due to 2 things:-

Firstly Attitude.

Attitudes have changed so much over the years, as we become more conscious of our smiles more and more of us are realising that we’re not happy with how our teeth look and we are choosing to do something about it. Orthodontic braces have gone from being something to hide to being ‘normal’, and in some cases a fashion statement! So now you can wear your braces with pride!

Secondly Technique.

Modern techniques mean that treatment times can often be shorter than they used to be and with the development of clear aligners treatment can be carried out discreetly for those who still wish to keep things low key.

At Stratford Dental we see more and more adults regretting not having had treatment when they were younger and asking what we can do for them.

So, what can we do?

Whether you need extensive treatment or just a little ‘tweak’ we have options to suit.

Your first option is the traditional fixed braces which we all know from childhood. These are thin metal bars which are attached to your teeth and cannot be removed, these are in place for the duration of your treatment. They can be customised if you wish by adding coloured bands or you can stay with the traditional clear bands.

If you don’t people to know you’re having treatment and want something a little more discreet, then maybe an Inman aligner could be the answer. These are clear removable appliances which are removed for a short spell each day to allow for cleaning. However these are not suitable for everyone but we will advise you accordingly.

Whatever your concerns regarding your smile we have a solution to help. whether that is a more extensive treatment plan or you just want a couple of teeth brought back into line. If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you then give us a call on 01789 292398 to book a consultation with Dr Simon Clarke to discuss your needs.

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