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First of all ‘What is an Implant?’

Before we go into detail about Implants it may be helpful to know what the alternatives are;

Your first option for replacing lost teeth is a denture which is a removable appliance made to fit your mouth. It consists of an acrylic (sometimes metal) ‘plate’ or frame which then has false teeth attached to it. This is clipped in each morning and removed every night. These can be quite cumbersome and can affect your ability to taste as they can cover the roof of your mouth.

Your second option is a bridge, this involves your teeth either side of the gap that you are trying to fill, essentially a bridge is 2 or more crowns ‘stuck’ together supporting a ‘floating’ tooth where the bridge crosses the gap. these can be tricky to keep clean and are reliant on the health of the teeth holding the bridge in place. If the supporting teeth have any problems then the bridge can become vulnerable.

This brings us to Implants, an implant replaces the whole tooth, roots and all. The implant itself is basically a titanium screw, which screws into the bone and replaces the root of the tooth. Once this has healed and fused with the bone a ceramic crown is made which screws into the top of the implant, et voila you have a completely new tooth!

Implants don’t involve any other teeth, they don’t affect your taste and they are permanent fixtures in your mouth, so as long as you look after them it’s like having your own tooth back. Where patients have larger gaps to fill, Implants can be used to support bridges too.

So….. what is an Implant?

An implant is a titanium screw which sits in the jaw and and holds a crown replacing your own tooth.

All our Implant surgery is carried out by Mrs Judith Stocker, Consultant Oral and maxillofacial surgeon for Coventry and Warwickshire. During your consultation Judith will answer any questions and she will go through all the costs involved in your particular treatment plan with you.

For more information visit our implant page or you can call us to book an appointment to discuss your next step with one of our dentists.

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