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It has certainly been a tough year, we’re so glad to be back up and running but it hasn’t been easy. We are still extremely busy but we are doing our best to see our patients as soon as we can. We’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time. We are all working so hard, some of which you can see for yourself but also behind the scenes making sure we are compliant and can provide our usual level of care despite the restrictions placed upon us.

This makes the feedback from our annual patient survey even more appreciated as it is so lovely to know that all our hard work has been worth it.

It was suggested by 1 patient that it would be good to see the results of the survey on the website, so with that in mind please find the summary from this years questionnaire below…….

Patient Questionnaire Feedback 2020

Due to the Covid-19 situation we were unable to send out our annual questionnaire to patients until June 2020.  This year we sent out 250 questionnaires split between clinicians and hygienists.  We had a total of 138 completed questionnaires returned. This represents 55% return rate.

This year we made the decision to include a question on our communication with patients during the ongoing pandemic.  As this was a new and unique situation, we felt it was important to receive feedback regarding how the practice dealt with the situation.  Did patients feel supported and well informed during these ongoing uncertain times. 

As a team, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of support received from our patients.  It has been a joy to receive the completed questionnaire forms and the comments they contain.  It has been particularly lovely that patients have enquired about our wellbeing and how we have coped during these difficult and stressful times.  Not only on a work basis but also on a personal and family basis.


As with all questionnaires we send out to our patients we value both the negative and positive feedback provided.  This year, we received very little in the way of negative comments, however those raised have been discussed with the management team and will be fed back to staff at the next staff meeting for there comments and input.  A few patients mentioned that they had not thought to look at the website during lockdown for information and feel that this route of providing information should have been fed back to them directly. Our website features on all our correspondence and marketing material so we feel we would struggle to promote this area further. Another area of concern was ‘paper waste’.  A patient felt that since we are now living in a climate where we try to reduce waste, paper questionnaires were no longer required.  They felt that all correspondence could now be done via email.  We appreciate this comment however feel that due to our patient demographic email would not provide the same amount of response as paper currently does.  We will however continue to monitor this over the coming years.  As a response to the current coronavirus situation, reception staff now ask patients if they require paper copies of receipts, invoices, appointment cards etc and offer to send them by email or text if preferred.

We had another patient who felt that the Hygienist spent more time on a ‘sales pitch’ for cleaning items than cleaning the teeth themselves.  As the patient questionnaires are anonymous, we are unable to investigate the individuals claims further.  Our Hygienists feel it is important to promote good hygiene techniques and products so this may have been mis interpreted.  We will endeavour to monitor this situation. Another patient mentioned that the PPE charge of £31 had not been explained to them.  The information should be fed back by the clinician unfortunately during the early days of the ‘new normal’ this was missed and this situation has now been addressed.


2020 has provided the practice with an enormous amount of new challenges and it has been particularly pleasing to have received such positive feedback from our patients.  Below are some of the highlights –

Spotlessly clean practice, impeccably clean toilets, Excellent preparations re Covid-19, practice is always very clean and well looked after, exemplary clean practice.

 Big appreciation for the ladies on reception who do all they can to help and look pleased to see you. Well run practice, girls on reception are a great asset, appointments to suit my needs, first class service, receptionists so helpful, always friendly and helpful, service above and beyond, extremely knowledgeable, really happy with the practice so friendly and professional, great people, superb service, quality dentistry, service with a smile, excellent customer service.

Good treatment in the chair, my hygienist is excellent, Simon O’Neill is an excellent dentist, I have seen 2 other dentists when mine was not available and both were great, excellent locum hygienist, treatment is always good, professional staff, courteous staff, professional service, kind and unhurried service, children always looked after, well managed practice, quality of care is excellent, quality of work excellent, I would recommend Manju for nervous patients, best dental experience, professional with a sense of humour, ease of parking, nothing is too much trouble, Manju is amazing, worth every penny, don’t change anything. Kind and unhurried service.  I have been visiting this practice for 50 years and never had cause to complain. Practice seems hi-tech, up to date equipment, never had to wait too long. I would not consider using any other practice.  

All of the above comments have helped us through the demanding times we have and are currently facing due to Coronovirus, however there was one comment that stood out above all the rest and sums up what Stratford Dental stand for –

From the first contact, I have always received the highest standard of care and consideration from ALL STAFF, I feel privileged to be a patient of Stratford Dental. Don’t change.

Once Covid-19 guidance allows, we will return to providing our regular questionnaires for patients to complete (located in patient lounge) and as requested by a patient we will publish a summary of the feedback from the questionnaires on our website for the first time.

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