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Family Dentistry

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Stratford Dental is very much a family practice, we care about our patients as much as we care about our own families, and as such we provide excellent dental care for all ages! Whether you need a routine check, Hygiene visit or something more complex we are here for you and always happy to help.

Tooth Whitening

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Whether you just want to brighten your smile a little or completely revamp your smile we can help. We use two different whitening systems here at Stratford Dental Centre both of which have shown excellent results.


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Do you have a gap you want fill? Can you not tolerate a denture? Then an Implant may be the right option for you.


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Orthodontics is the process of straightening teeth using either fixed or removable appliances. Dr Simon Clarke has been an Orthodontist for many years now and works from our practice 1 day a week providing adult and childrens Orthodontic treatment on a private basis, and was recently awarded Platinum Invisalign provider. Whether you need extensive treatment […]


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For years teeth that have been heavily broken have had old fashioned crowns fitted to make them secure again. These crowns may do the job intended but the process of making them can be lengthy and destructive.

CEREC has changed all of this, now you can have a crown made in 1 hour, with no impressions and maintaining all the healthy tooth!


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Endodontics is the treatment of the roots of the teeth. We’ve all heard of Root canal treatment (RCT), this is the process of cleaning out the roots of the tooth and filling it with a medical grade plastic known as Gutta Percha.

Surgical Procedures

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Some treatments require surgery and until recently this would involve a referral to hospital and a potentially lengthy wait for an appointment.


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Sedation enables us to perform treatment on phobic patients in a calm and relaxed manner. The patient is administered the relevant sedation drug which makes them calm and sleepy, we can then complete treatment and the patient is happy.

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