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For years teeth that have been heavily broken have had old fashioned crowns fitted to make them secure again. These crowns may do the job intended but the process of making them can be lengthy and destructive. The dentist has to shape the tooth into a core for the crown to fit over the top, this often involves having to drill away healthy tooth. The process also involves messy and unpleasant impressions which are then sent off to the lab, with the finished crown returning upto 2 weeks later. 

CEREC has changed all of this, now you can have a crown made in 1 hour, with no impressions and maintaining all the healthy tooth!

Using 3D CADCAM technology we can scan the tooth to create a 3D image of your tooth which we can use to design a ceramic crown to fit the tooth, rather than shaping the tooth to fit the crown. The crown is milled on site from a ceramic block and fitted the same day. No impressions, No waiting, No fuss. 

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