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Fee Guide

*With effect from 1st January 2024*


Routine examination£39.00
New patient consultation (inc Bitewing X rays)£87.00
New patient Emergency appointment (exc Xrays and treatment)£49.00
X-rays (small) each £16.00
X-rays Panoral £49.00
CBCT Scan from £173.00
Surgery time – per hour and depending on complexity £190.00 – £300.00

Preventive Dentistry

Routine scaling/polishing with dentist £49.00
Level 1 Periodontal Care with therapist/hygienist £60.00
Level 2 Periodontal Care with therapist/hygienist£79.00
Fissure sealingas per surgery time

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth coloured fillings £92.00 – £238.00 (surface dependent)
Ceramic inlaysfrom £557.00
CEREC single visit inlays/crowns£557.00
Lab made crownsfrom £752.00
Veneersfrom £648.00
Bridgeworkfees by quotation

Root Canal Therapy

Emergency Root treatment (Pain relief only)£103.00
Single rooted tooth£422.00
Two rooted tooth£520.00
3 or more rooted tooth £594.00

Extractions/Oral surgery

Extractions from £130.00
Surgical extractions £162.00 – £594.00


Partial acrylic from £627.00
Partial chrome cobalt from £970.00
Full/Full acrylicfrom £1270.00


Consultation with Implant Consultation£152.00
Single tooth from £2808.00
Complex cases by quotation

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whiteningfrom £319.00 – £600.00

Children’s Dentistry

0-4 year olds
£12.50, but free to children of registered patients
5-11 year olds£15.00
12-17 year olds£20.00


Invisalign ‘Invisible braces’ £3995.00
‘Fixed’ braces from £1620.00 per arch

This guide is intended to give you an idea of the levels of fees charged.  Each person and case are different and the fees charged may vary from this guide due to factors such as complexity of the case, or difficulty of treatment and time taken. Your dentist will be pleased to give you an estimate of your treatment costs.

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